MySQL Connector/Python 8.0.14 X DevAPI: Default Schema

The MySQL X DevAPI is the new API that provides a uniform API across the supported programming languages. It has from the beginning supported that you can specify a default schema, when you connect. Originally it was not used for SQL statements. Starting with MySQL 8.0.14 the feature has been extended, so SQL statements take the default schema into consideration as well. This blog will explore how this works using MySQL Connector/Python. If you use a different programming language, the change will work in a similar way.

In order to explore the feature, a sample program is needed. A simple program that prints the MySQL Connector/Python version, queries the city table in the default schema, and either catches the exception or prints the resulting rows will work:

import mysql.connector
import mysqlx
from mysqlx.errors import OperationalError
import pprint

printer = pprint.PrettyPrinter(indent=3)

connect_args = {
    "host": "",
    "port": 33060,
    "user": "pyuser",
    "password": "Py@pp4Demo",
    "schema": "world",

print("MySQL Connector/Python {0}".format(mysql.connector.__version__))

db = mysqlx.get_session(connect_args)
    result = db.sql("SELECT * FROM city WHERE ID = 130").execute()
except OperationalError as err:
    print("Error: {0}".format(err))
    result = None
    columns = [column.column_name for column in result.get_columns()]
    for row in result.fetch_all():
        row_data = dict(zip(columns, row))


Notice how the default schema is set in line 13.

If this program is executed with MySQL Connector/Python 8.0.13 or earlier, the query in line 20 will cause an OperationalError exception:

MySQL Connector/Python version: 8.0.13
Error: No database selected

However, if you execute the code with MySQL Connector/Python 8.0.14, the query executes and queries the city table in the world schema:

MySQL Connector/Python 8.0.14
{  'CountryCode': 'AUS',
    'District': 'New South Wales',
    'ID': 130,
    'Name': 'Sydney',
    'Population': 3276207}

This new behaviour is the same as you would be used to from the traditional API.


If you want to use the default schema with CRUD statements, you can retrieve the default schema with Session.get_default_schema(). That also works in earlier releases of MySQL Connector/Python.

If you want to read more about using the X DevAPI and MySQL Connector/Python in general, then I have written the book MySQL Connector/Python Revealed (see links in the sidebar to the right).

I have worked with MySQL databases since 2006 both as an SQL developer, a database administrator, and for more than eight years as part of the Oracle MySQL Support team. I have spoken at MySQL Connect and Oracle OpenWorld on several occasions. I have contributed to the sys schema and four Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) exams for MySQL 5.6 to 8.0. I have written four books, all published at Apress.

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