Pro MySQL NDB Cluster

About the Book

Create and run a real-time, highly-available, and high-redundancy version of the world’s most popular open-source database, MySQL. You will understand the advantages and disadvantages of the MySQL NDB Cluster solution, and when MySQL NDB Cluster is the right choice.

Pro MySQL NDB Cluster walks you through the full lifecycle of a MySQL Cluster installation: starting with the installation and initial configuration, moving through online configuration and schema changes, and completing with online upgrades. Along the way, you will learn to monitor your cluster, make decisions about schema design, implement geographic replication, troubleshoot and optimize performance, and much more.

This book covers the many programming APIs that are supported by MySQL NDB Cluster. There’s also robust coverage of connecting to MySQL NDB Cluster from Java, SQL, memcached, and even from C++. From any of these languages, you’ll be able to connect and store and retrieve data as your applications demand. The book:

  • Covers MySQL NDB Cluster concepts and architecture
  • Takes you through the MySQL NDB Cluster lifecycle from installation to upgrades
  • Guides you through DBA and Developer decisions when working with MySQL NDB Cluster

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the shared-nothing architecture behind MySQL NDB Cluster
  • Plan, install, and configure a MySQL NDB Cluster environment
  • Perform everyday tasks such as backing up, restoring, and upgrading
  • Develop applications from Java, memcached, C++, and SQL
  • Troubleshoot and resolve application performance problems
  • Master enterprise-level features such the MySQL NDB Cluster Manager

Who This Book Is For

Database administrators and developers who are looking into deploying MySQL NDB Cluster, or who already have a cluster in production and want to increase their knowledge and ability to handle routine administrative tasks and troubleshooting. The book also is for those developers wanting to employ MySQL NDB Cluster as their chosen storage engine from Java, memcached, and C++ applications.