MySQL Books

Since November 2017 there has been a steady stream of books written by Oracle employees about MySQL. The books range from introducing new features to a relatively deep dive into more advanced topics.

This page cover the books that either have been published or are scheduled to be published in the near future.

Happy reading.

My Books

I have had the pleasure of writing two books, one of which was together with my colleague Mikiya Okuno. They are on quite different topics: one on MySQL (NDB) Cluster and one one MySQL Connector/Python:

Pro MySQL NDB Cluster

Create and run a real-time, highly-available, and high-redundancy version of the world’s most popular open-source database, MySQL. You will understand the advantages and disadvantages of the MySQL NDB Cluster solution, and when MySQL NDB Cluster is the right choice.

Pro MySQL NDB Cluster walks you through the full lifecycle of a MySQL Cluster installation: starting with the installation and initial configuration, moving through online configuration and schema changes, and completing with online upgrades. Along the way, you will learn to monitor your cluster, make decisions about schema design, implement geographic replication, troubleshoot and optimize performance, and much more.

This book covers the many programming APIs that are supported by MySQL NDB Cluster. There’s also robust coverage of connecting to MySQL NDB Cluster from Java, SQL, memcached, and even from C++. From any of these languages, you’ll be able to connect and store and retrieve data as your applications demand. The book:

  • Covers MySQL NDB Cluster concepts and architecture
  • Takes you through the MySQL NDB Cluster lifecycle from installation to upgrades
  • Guides you through DBA and Developer decisions when working with MySQL NDB Cluster

What You’ll Learn

  • Understand the shared-nothing architecture behind MySQL NDB Cluster
  • Plan, install, and configure a MySQL NDB Cluster environment
  • Perform everyday tasks such as backing up, restoring, and upgrading
  • Develop applications from Java, memcached, C++, and SQL
  • Troubleshoot and resolve application performance problems
  • Master enterprise-level features such the MySQL NDB Cluster Manager

Who This Book Is For

Database administrators and developers who are looking into deploying MySQL NDB Cluster, or who already have a cluster in production and want to increase their knowledge and ability to handle routine administrative tasks and troubleshooting. The book also is for those developers wanting to employ MySQL NDB Cluster as their chosen storage engine from Java, memcached, and C++ applications.


MySQL Connector/Python Revealed

Move data back and forth between database and application. The must-have knowledge in this book helps programmers learn how to use the official driver, MySQL Connector/Python, by which Python programs communicate with the MySQL database. 

This book takes you from the initial installation of the connector through basic query execution, then through more advanced topics, error handing, and troubleshooting. The book covers both the traditional API as well as the new X DevAPI. The X DevAPI is part of MySQL 8.0 and is an API that can be used with connectors for several programming languages and is used from the command-line interface known as MySQL Shell. You will learn to use the connector by working through code examples and following a discussion of how the API calls work.

By the end of the book, you will be able to use MySQL as the back-end storage for your Python programs, and you’ll even have the option of choosing between SQL and NoSQL interfaces. 

What You’ll Learn

  • Install MySQL Connector/Python
  • Connect to MySQL and configure database access
  • Execute SQL and NoSQL queries from your Python program
  • Trap errors and troubleshoot problems
  • Store data from different languages using MySQL’s character set support
  • Work in the X DevAPI that underlies all of MySQL’s language connectors

Who This Book Is For

Developers familiar with Python who are looking at using MySQL as the back-end database. No prior knowledge of Connector/Python is assumed, but readers should be familiar with databases and the Python programming language.


Books by Other Oracle Employees

Charles Bell, Mikael Ronström, and David Stokes have also been busy writing books lately. The following books have been released in 2018 or are expected later in the year (in chronological order):

MySQL Cluster 7.5 Inside and Out

MySQL Cluster 7.5 inside and out is written by Mikael Ronström who is the original creator of NDB Cluster. It gives the background of MySQL Cluster and a lot of low level information combined with high level examples of using MySQL Cluster.


MySQL and JSON: A Practical Programming Guide

MySQL and JSON: A Practical Programming Guide is written by David Stokes who is a long term community manager for MySQL.

The book covers how to use JSON with MySQL (supported in version 5.7 and later)  including how to query the data and how to use generated columns with JSON data. The book also includes a discussion about the MySQL Document Store.


  • Author: David Stokes
  • Publisher: Oracle Press
  • Available: May 2018
  • Book details

Introducing the MySQL 8 Document Store

Dr. Charles Bell gives a thorough introduction to the MySQL Document Store in MySQL 8. It covers all the steps from installation, over JSON in MySQL, MySQL Shell, the X DevAPI, the X Plugin, and the X Protocol to usage and planning.


  • Author: Charles Bell
  • Publisher: Apress
  • Available: June 2018
  • Book homepage

Introducing InnoDB Cluster

InnoDB Cluster is the new high-availability solution from MySQL introduced in MySQL 5.7.17 and further developed with MySQL 8. Dr. Charles Bell covers how to use InnoDB Cluster including migration to MySQL 8, configuration, and best practices.


  • Author: Charles Bell
  • Publisher: Apress
  • Available: Expected later in 2018
  • Book homepage